My first client was a woman I still remember. My first client was hyperactive, excited, and fidgety while she sat in my chair. She was so excited that it was difficult for me to keep her still as I applied her makeup. It was all so much fun. When I was finished, she stood up and made a loud sound, staring at the mirror. She then turned to me to tell me that I was one of the best makeup artists in the world. Although my sister was not a stranger to exaggeration I believed her. I was seven years old when I had to rush and get everything in my drawers before mom arrived. I knew what I wanted to do when I grew-up: I was a makeup artist. Twenty years later, it’s not the same thing. But my passion for makeup artistry has taken us all over the globe, and I absolutely love what I do.

It seems that many people spend their entire lives trying to figure what they are supposed to be doing. Search, search, search and search without realizing that our memories can provide the answer. What you loved doing as a child and what you are good at now is a good indicator of your true passion. My passion was makeup artistry.

My first job as a makeup artist was one of the most exciting and nerve-racking experiences of my entire life. To prepare for the future, I recall devouring every book I could find, attending all the nearby makeup seminars, and shadowing a friend who was already a highly successful makeup artist. The more I tried, the more I fell for the idea.

I was able to learn about color theory and client communication. I also learned how to highlight clients’ features and cancel out colors. I didn’t need to go to school to become a makeup artist. But I did read everything I could and listened to every word I could. I attended networking events. To have professional photos, I gave my makeup services away to a photographer. I shadowed many more makeup artists. I practiced with everyone who agreed to do it (no one will turn down a free make-up, hello!). I also attended many seminars and training events. The best thing about hands-on training events is the fact that you leave with so much knowledge that you can immediately apply.

Despite being in the industry for many years, there is always more to learn. I won’t know everything. However, the skills I’ve learned and practiced have allowed me to travel the globe, working as a makeup artist for celebrities, TV, print and film productions. There are no two bookings the same. My job allows me to be spontaneous and surround myself with amazing people (clients who became my friends). I couldn’t have chosen a better job.

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