According to AMA, 88% of Australians used mobile phones in 2014.

This statistic alone is enough to prove that mobile phones are an essential part of modern life. Smart marketers have realised this and, with the aid of mobiles, they’ve changed the world of advertising. We have created a generation of people who use their mobiles to their best advantage. Mobiles, whether we like them or not are sweeping the globe and their incredible convenience continues to grow thanks to mobile marketing twitter trending hashtags. A proper strategy will help you learn more about your customers’ mobile habits and give you the resources and knowledge you need to take your business to the next stage.

  1. SMS Advertising

Ninja Link Building reports that 70% of smartphone users engage with text ads

SMS marketing is a growing competitor to email marketing. This type of advertising is more effective because it is personal, fast and straight to the point. The benefits and features include higher conversion rates and open rates, as well as affordability and that cool factor so important to young people.

  1. Snapchat

The Australian Bureau of Statistics found that Snapchat had 2 million users across the country in May.

This simple photo-sharing app has been a huge success and is a powerful tool for online advertising. The app’s unique filters are a great marketing tool. Regular users may see the brand-specific filters appear in their menu. I remember during Rio that there were a lot of Olympic themed filters available for free. Snapchat users can promote the sponsors’ brands for them. This app is a sure-fire hit and the company has recently announced that it will introduce behavioral targeting in late 2016.

  1. Mobile Marketing Automation

In 2015, mobile marketing automation had a paltry 1.5% penetration rate. However, expectations were that the number would triple.

Mobile marketing automation is a growing trend. It is not acceptable to bombard your customers with unnecessary information. Mobile marketing automation enables SME’s collect data about their customers, allowing them to better source content for the right people. This process not only saves you time but also eliminates all guesswork in marketing by using cold, hard facts.

  1. Social media mobile marketing

Statista reports that there are 2,34 billion users of social media worldwide. According to Marketing Land, 80% social media activity is done on mobile devices.

It is vital to optimize your business’s advertising to reach this huge market. Check out Twitter and Facebook pages to see how they engage their audience. Watch how they engage their audience with frequent postings and photos. You’re losing out on a wealth of opportunities for advertising and engagement if you don’t have a social media strategy.

  1. More Apps

Apps are available for download by 89% of Australian mobile phone users.

Nothing can better affirm your digital presence than an app that is beautiful and easy to use. Netflix and David Jones are just two examples of large businesses that have apps. You may not be as big as them, but don’t limit yourself. Think big. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by taking the extra step after you’ve launched your social media pages and website. You can use an app to market your business in addition to your website. It is also possible to access you without internet.

  1. You can watch videos on YouTube

YouTube has over one billion users, and mobile devices account for more than half the views.

YouTube, like Facebook and Twitter is popular. For some individuals who are innovative, YouTube has become their career. As we enter a new era of growth, the words and texts are being pushed aside. Humans are visual animals. We want to see action, we want to laugh, cry, and SOMETHING. YouTube is a great marketing tool for budding businesses. You don’t have to go viral to benefit from its popularity.

As mobile usage grows, new and innovative ways to use these devices are developed. Smart devices are designed to simplify our lives and provide us with new and exciting opportunities. Take advantage of mobile marketing to grow your business before it is too late.

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