Whistleblower Attorney wers are sometimes referred to as “tattle-tales,” however, they can actually protect millions of Americans. They are doing a great public service by exposing hidden wrongdoing. Whistleblowers are praised for their efforts to protect the public, whether it’s alerting the Justice Department to Medicare fraud or disclosing safety concerns at nuclear power plants in 1980s.

The Department of Justice is using reports filed under U.S. False Claims Act (“whistleblower Act”) to pursue investigations into prescription drug makers accused of safety violations. This will ensure that prescription drugs are safe, which is often difficult for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor as 80 percent of active ingredients are made abroad. The FDA will be more efficient if it partners with the Department of Justice. This will discourage pharmaceutical companies from cutting corners on safety and health.

The Justice Department will be investigating the lawsuits of whistleblowers who have used the False Claims Act to help them. They have vowed an “especially hard look at” pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Americans can rest easy knowing that their drugs are being scrutinized by two government departments, and any Americans who make the effort to whistle-blower.

False Claims Act claims can be brought against government agencies. A recent example was that of an employee of the Office of Safety and Health Administration. The evidence he presented incriminated OSHA and showed that companies allowed them to underreport workplace injury reports. The whistleblower was fired as recordkeeper and sued OSHA for illegal firing. He won $820,000.

Whistleblowers are anyone who has direct knowledge of and evidence of fraud against the government. If they win, they could even receive a percentage of the money that was recovered. An attorney or law firm that specializes in whistleblower cases is the best place to start if you believe you have grounds to file a whistleblower claim. They can inform you about your rights and responsibilities and assist with filing False Claims Act lawsuits. It can be difficult to navigate the complex legal system. Make sure you hire a firm that has experience in this area. You might be able to recover millions of dollars for taxpayers, and protect your fellow Americans if you’re successful.

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