Globally, landing pages that are successful generate 47% more sales per visitor than directing them to the home page of a website Landing pages are designed to convert and get customers’ attention, as well as grow your business. These are the first impression that you make to your visitor. Do you want to make a bad first impression?

It’s not my opinion. However, over 80% of landing pages are utterly useless. This article will explain the common mistakes of landing pages and show you how to create landing pages that convert.


This is the most important section of your landing page. People are busy and will filter out unnecessary information. They want to learn more about you and your company. A compelling headline is the best way to communicate what you can do to help them.

It’s what can you do for them. Your customer must be satisfied. No one opts in to an email list that asks for their email address so they can sell them stuff.

It is easy to write a headline. The end result + the time frame + how to address an objection. That’s all. Tell the customer what result is possible, what timeframe it can be provided and what objections they may have.

  • “Lose 7lbs in 7 Days”
  • “Learn how to play the piano even if you can’t read notes”
  • “Design Great Websites in 2 Hours without touching a single line of code”

You don’t need to use all three elements. It is important to communicate to your visitor who you are and what they can expect from you. There is no reason why anyone should use your service.


You should now understand that landing pages are a way to tell people what you have to say. If they like it they will sign up. Tell them why they should sign-up. People tend to talk about everything they care about, rather than telling people why they should sign up. The vacuum is powerful and has… A vacuum is not what people care about, they just want a clean home. Don’t give them features, but benefits.

This is what you should keep in mind as you write down the reasons why your visitors should sign-up. A small list of bullet points that will help you get them the results they desire. Is your service able to make painful tasks more fun? Are you able to help them reach their goals faster? It’s important to write it down.

It’s important to keep it simple. Landing pages are often scanned by people, but they rarely read the content.

  • Easy Website Creation
  • Get feedback quickly
  • Make a good first impression

Data Capture

Next, capture emails. Some landing pages had a simple form that was added and assumed that people knew that it was for their email addresses. It is important to explain what the form is and why it is being used. It’s easy to see what it is for internet users, but not everyone is the same. Your input fields should have the label “email” and “name”. This will ensure that there is no confusion.

Remember that smaller input fields and forms have a higher conversion rate. A 20+ field form is not something anyone wants to fill out.

Call To Action

Together with the headline, the call to action is one of the most important elements of your landing page. It tells people what they should do and what they want. Your call to action should be clearly visible and at the top of the page. Your visitor should be able to see both the form and button on the page as it loads. If your visitor has to scroll down in order to see the button or link, it is not right place.

It is always a good idea for it to be as brief and concise as possible. Click Here will yield better results than “Click here and Sign up for my Newsletter”.


Although your headline might be more important than your landing page design, it is worth noting that sometimes design can hinder conversions. You’ve seen the yellow, white, and red landing pages. THE most iconic of them all All the exaggerated claims and Buy Now’s everywhere!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a page like this? The first thing I think about when I see a page like that is scam. If I see landing pages like this, my trust in the author of the website is greatly diminished. As I mentioned before, first impressions are important. It’s not a good first impression if it looks like you are going to scam me.

However, on the flip side, have you ever been impressed by a landing page that was creatively designed or well-constructed? This page will instantly reduce the distance between you and your customer.


Split testing, also known as A/B testing, is another name for it. It involves testing two versions of your page, headline, call-to-action, and so forth to determine which one performs the best. This can improve your landing pages. The perfect landing page is within reach.

Most people don’t test their pages. It’s like throwing money away. Split testing your landing pages can make a big difference. You can make small changes to your landing page and test whether they work. This could mean the difference between 20 or 30 leads. Simple changes, such as changing the “Submit” button to “Sign up”, can make a big difference.

Split testing is a great way to increase your conversion rate . There is no other way. This is the fastest and easiest way to improve your landing page. Your visitors will tell you what they love the most.

These are some free tools for split testing to help you get started.

  • Google’s content experiments. Their A/B testing product was recently integrated into their analytics product. You can’t use other analytics tools. It’s free, but it’s not available for purchase. Google Analytics will be required.
  • EazyWebsiteOptimizer. Alternative to Google. It is also free and can be used as a standalone service.


This is a quick introduction to optimizing landing pages. Optimizing your landing page is an art form and I find it fascinating. It’s amazing to see the small changes that can make a big difference in bid results.

Keep your customer in the forefront of this article. Write about how you can help them. It should be easy for them sign up. Your page should not be cluttered just for the sake of looking cool. Landing pages are designed to encourage visitors to sign up for the service you promote.

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